Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ever Wondered What Causes The Aging Process In Humans?

Aging is a process in life that we all fear. Here are five major factors that may cause aging and the best ways to deal with them.

  • Chronic Inflammation
Think of chronic inflammation as a raging wildfire in your body. While it is uncertain what  really causes this, we do know that you can inflame your body if you smoke, get overweight, never exercise and can't manage stress. Recommended - Fish oils which is high in omega 3 fatty acids, extra-virgin olive oil, walnuts and flax seeds.. Highly recommended omega 3-6-9. 
  • Oxidative Stress
Think of this as a rust in your tissues. Oxidative stress is primarily caused by free radicals that depletes antioxidants, injuries tissues and leave you vulnerable to  premature aging.
Things you can do to help - Working out can boost antioxidant levels and destroy free radicals.  Ensure you do not over exercise or you could increase the risk of  chronic inflammation.

  • Glycation
You could think of this as having a bad hair day every day of the week. Nothing can get through that mess.
Glycation happens when sugar and protein molecules from food get stuck together, causing a big tangled mess in your bloodstream. Glycated tissues often produces AGEs(advanced glycation end product)
These bad guys cause damage throughout your cells and can lead to many age related diseases.
Recommended: cut out high fructose corn syrup. For precaution, cut out any food substance that ends with -ose, just skip it!

  •  Methylation
In this process, think of it as a gas pedal or brake that speeds up or slows down aging. Methylation is a cellular process  that determines how well your body absorb vitamin, enzymes and other chemical compounds. Aging can speed up when it's unbalanced.
recommended - Sunflower seeds. They are loaded with frolic acid, a great regulator.

  •  Immune Impairment
You could think of immune impairment as your body's army sleeping on the job. One main reasons we catch colds, get sore throats or get infections is that our immune systems are not working at optimum.
One secret De-Ager is  to practice  washing hands with soap and water as often as necessary and take Pure Noni regularly.

Check these out and you will see -What is Really Aging Humans and follow the easy preventative measures.

Until then do everything you can to fight aging!   

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